*A truncated version of this will appear in the Safety Propaganda Substack curated by Adam Lehrer…Hello music lovers! This past year, I did a “deep dive” (hate that fucking phrase) into the B-sides and lesser tracks of some of my favorite and, in some cases, barely remembered artists. I’ve always…

Here are a couple poems I’ve been tinkering with over the years.

The Best Sunscreen for Your Face

is SPF

Let’s Spend

the Summer


I could prescribe

a wealth

of misinformation,

the distance between

my heart and what

graces the page.

Last night I fell

head over heels


I wanted to take some time to discuss elements of what I’d like to call the ecstasy of identity. This isn’t a wholly new thought, but an idea modeled off Baudrillard’s theory that our new reality, a hyperreality, is defined by an ecstasy of communication, whereby the objective world has…

Dear Tim,

Good evening, my friend, good evening indeed.

Have I ever told you that my favorite holiday is Halloween? I love sweets, candy, costumes — wearing a mask so as not to pollute the world with my disgusting visage. Halloween, unlike most holidays, is magical in that it celebrates…

Where Does One Begin?

In 2019, Penguin Random House, the largest paperback publisher in the world, published How to Be an Antiracist, a nonfiction book by American University professor, Ibram X. Kendi. In a favorable review for The Guardian, Afua Hirsch described Kendi’s arguments as “brilliantly simple,” noting that while…

Egg World

Essays by me, the Egg God.

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